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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, the team at Fake Lie Detector Test answer the most commonly asked questions. If you have a question that is not listed below, please get in touch.

The total cost is £45 GBP / €50 EUR / $60 USD. All payments are processed directly with PayPal.

Our website uses the latest SSL technology to safeguard your test details. Payments are processed directly with PayPal so our company has no visability of your card details. 

It is really simple! Using our secure order form, you choose up to 3 questions, detailing a “yes” or “no” answer for each. You also confirm the detail you wish to be placed on the authentic certificate such as your Name and Date of Birth. To further keep the transaction secure, payment is processed by PayPal. Once the questions have been approved by our team of experienced examiners, you will then be sent an email containing a PDF attachment of the report within 24 hours. Then it is up to you. A convincing way is to print and post the report to yourself!

In a real test you will only be asked a maximum of three specific questions, that is why we only offer three specific questions. We endeavour to make our tests as “real” as possible, so we adhere to the regulations for formulating questions as would the examiner in a real test. It is not possible to ask certain questions, and it may be that the wording has to be tweaked! If the examiner would not ask you the question in a real test, we will not use that question in the report.

Absolutely! You will receive a fully verified report that will look identical to a “real” one.  They will also be able to contact a “real” company to verify the test took place and that the results are accurate. The rest is down to you to convince them you actually went!

Yes, if our standard offering does not fit the bill, we are able to organise something much more bespoke. Please get in touch using our Contact Form to let us know exacty what you are looking for, and the best time and method of contacting you.

I am sure we will be able to help!

The authentic websites look nothing like this site. This site is geared towards efficiently giving you the information you require to make a booking.

The authentic company websites generate Real Polygraph Bookings. This means that they are filled with company images, videos and corporate branding. As you would expect, they are also continuously updated to reflect the Latest Industry News and Developments.

We have authentic polygraph companies in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, India, New Zealand and South Africa.