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Fake Lie Detector Test

Get a Fully Verified Fake Lie Detector Test Certificate, proving you have taken a Polygraph test.

You choose the “Questions“, “Location” and “Results“. We send you a Fully Verified Report within 1 business hour!

The Fake Polygraph Report is emailed from a Local & Real Polygraph Company.

If your partner calls the real company, our team will confirm the test details. We are sure they will believe you!

We have nationwide “Real” polygraph companies in the following countries: 

UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand & Spain.

Our Polygraph Reports are 4-5 Pages & Replicate a Real Polygraph Report.

The Local Company Branding and Contact Details are printed on the Polygraph Exam Report.

Fake Lie Detector Test

Just £45 / €50 / $60 USD

How it Works?

You provide a list of questions, results, a password, the location and when the Polygraph Test took place.

We email you a realistic and authentic 4-5 Page Polygraph Certificate, detailing your test results.

If your partner calls the authentic company, they will be asked for your Name and Test Date.

Our team will confirm and verify the pre-agreed test details.

We guarantee that there is no link between the “Fake” and “Real” Polygraph company. 

Your report will be sent from the Real Polygraph Company.

Look Familiar?


Prove the Truth for:


Husband / Wife Problems

Boyfriend / Girlfriend Problems

Family & Friends Problems

Issues on Nights Out


Novelty Situations

Infidelity Issues


I told my partner that I was taking a day off work to attend a Polygraph test. She asked for the results to be emailed directly to her. The Authentic Polygraph Company followed my instructions and sent the report directly to her. She instantly believed me and it saved our 8 year marriage”  –  April, 2018

“My employer accused me of breaking something in the store, even though I was telling the truth and it wasn’t me, they would not believe me. I couldn’t afford the $500 fee for an actual polygraph test so used this service. My boss called the Authentic Company who confirmed that I was telling the truth. My boss didn’t reimburse me but I got an extra week’s holiday!”  –  March, 2018

“My husband accused me of sleeping with another man. We agreed that I would take a Polygraph Test but I was worried that I would not pass it. This did the trick!”  –  December, 2017

Fake Polygraph Test

Just £45 / €50 / $60 USD